Monday, 19 September 2011

The Service Excellence Model

The current version of my Service Excellence Model can now be found as a fixed page on this blog. (In the right-hand nav on a desktop browser).

The model provides an overview of all the optional and mandatory components I believe are involved in delivering an excellent service.

This is designed to be complete and comprehensive and therefore should be used as a guide and not a rule-set. Depending on the specific details of a given service or situation the different components may require different emphasis. Some components may become compulsory in some circumstances, but not required or at least much less significant in other circumstances. This is something only the service provider can decide.

However, regardless of the situation I think all components should at least be consciously considered when designing, delivering or changing a service.

As the often used online TLA goes - YMMV.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Hello and welcome to my new blog about Delivering Service Excellence.

Someone once said: "If you try you may fail, but if you don't try you won't succeed".

I am going to use this blog to try and explain a generic model I am developing which covers all the components any service supplier can base their offerings in order to deliver service excellence.

Now that is obviously a huge undertaking. I guess only time will tell if it is a bold or foolish mission!

At the very least I hoping to generate a discussion. This is just as much about my learning as it is about sharing my views. Therefore I readily welcome any and all comments (except of course for the usual spam or insults that unfortunately plague blogs of this nature). And of course I also welcome visitors to share this site with others via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc, etc.

Ultimately I hope you and I both get value from my thoughts, observations and ramblings and the associated debates.